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Martha's Vineyard

An “out of the blue” inheritance from an aunt he didn’t even know existed takes aspiring novelist and English teacher, Bob Hazzard to the idyllic resort of Xenothenia on Greece’s Mani Peninsula, where he resolves to put down roots, set up a writers’ retreat and write the perfect holiday novel. Leaving behind his life in Fletcherford in northern England, his friends from Fletcherford Writers’ group and Sally, his foul-mouthed, best friend, colleague and confidante from Fletcherford Community College, he embarks on an adventure that will transform his life forever. As the larger than life,Yiorgi and the womanising Vangelis, friends of the deceased Martha, help him, in their own ways, to settle into his new home Bob begins to piece together the details of his aunt’s life and that of her mysterious husband Dimitri. The dark secrets of Martha’s Vineyard take Bob on a harrowing journey of self-discovery revealing the true meaning of love, belonging and revenge.

A clever mixture of romance, intrigue, history and "whodunnit" I was pulled to it to the finish!

Maria Fletcher


Great premise, gripping plot, good characters, very funny and relatable,

Bill Haverchuck Amazon reviewer

Couldn't put it down...even read until 3am on a work day morning... keeps you guessing and on the edge of your seat

Michelle Gilmour Amazon reviewer


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